Agia's Scanlations

As some of you may know, due to unfortunate circumstances beyond their control, Agia's Scanlations has been forced to shut down. Hopefully the situation will be resolved eventually, but in the meantime, I've been given permission to host all their scanlations here so people will still be able to access them.

I will be updating this post to become a master list of their scanlations as soon as I can. (Unfortunately I'm working a 50+ hour week, so free time is being a little hard to come by right at the minute. DX) For now I simply wanted to let you know what is happening and not to worry, the scanlations will be available!

Also, hello to any new members who may have been directed here by ai_sakuma. It's nice to have you. :)

Updated: Introduction, Rules and Important Stuff

Hello there, and welcome to BlackSKY Scans!

This is a little scan community focused on doujinshi of the FFVII and yaoi variety. In particular, you will find copious amounts of Sephiroth/Cloud and Zack/Cloud.

All the scans that I post personally will be Japanese raws, as I have only just started studying Japanese and am in no way competent to translate anything. However, we do have a few wonderful members who have been kind enough to provide scanlated versions; you can find those under the scanlation tag.


I make no profit from the work of this scan community (if anything I end up out of pocket buying all the doujinshi!). Characters depicted are copyright Square Enix. All artwork belongs to the respective artist and circle, who will always be credited.

The scans are not intended to be a replacement for hard copies of doujinshi; they should be an incentive to own them for yourself! If you find a circle whose books or art style you greatly enjoy, support the artist by buying their works. (If you want to buy doujinshi but are having difficulty or are unsure how, I've written a guide over on the new mirror site here. If you need any further help, feel free to ask. :) I'm not an expert, but I've bought enough of the things from enough sources to have a fairly decent idea what I'm doing by now.)

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Master Doujinshi List

The scans listed here are available to members only. If you get LJ's 'Access Denied' error, make sure you have joined the community! Check our profile to join and for further information.

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If you see any doujinshi on my list that you've already seen scanned elsewhere, let me know. I'm not in the loop for most scanning/scanlation groups, so I might've missed something, and there's not much point me scanning something if someone else has already done so. ^^;;